Capacity: 750-1000 Kg/Hour


⦁ Lavash

⦁ Phyllo

⦁ Pizza Base


⦁ Lavash Dough Processing Section

⦁ Direct Flame Tunnel Oven

⦁ Lavash Watering , Cooling and Product Collection Section


⦁ The dimensions of the machines vary depending on the reguested machine type, the reguested product types and cooking levels like half baked or full baked.

⦁ It is possible to cut in any size in round, sguare, or reguested shapes via disc cutting system.

⦁ The shaped and cut products are automatically loaded to the tunnel type baking oven.

⦁ The surfaces that have contact with the products are made of stainless materials compiying with food production.

⦁ The machine has the features to work fast-slow through the electronic control panel.

⦁ It is easy to install, maintain and use.

⦁ Dough infeed before reduction is controlled by means of speed differences between speed of the belt and the dough sheet.

⦁ Dough outfeed tension is controlled by loop controls.

⦁ Cleaning per section is possible for a higher productivity.

⦁ The machine is aimed for general production. It is possible to make additions to the machine line in order to roll or process the dough for the production of Phyllo , Lahmacun and Pizza.

⦁ Unotek Professional Lavash Bread Processing Line has a more performance for lavash production.Lavash Bread Processing Line gives 5% more product compared to other Lavash Machinery, because of the machine system and design.

⦁ The lavash product has a longer shelf life and higher quality compared to other lavash product.

⦁ When the product is used and wrap , lavash bread is unbreakable and shatterproof.

⦁ Economic electric and gas consumption. It is 50% economical compared to other ovens.

⦁ Although, the tunnel oven system is heated with direct flame. The carbon monoxide output is much less than the acceptable world standards.

⦁ Besides providing machine technology, production technology is also provided with the machines in order to produce the products.

⦁ Cleaning per section is possible for a higher productivity.


Height-250 cm

Length- 20-22 meter

Width- 300 cm

Weight- 2.000 kg

Electricity Consumption-20 kw