2.000 pcs/hour capacity



TYPES OF BAGELS THAT CAN BE PRODUCED BY THE MACHINES: Ankara Bagel, Crispy Type Bagel, Kandil Bagel, Russian Bagel, Romanian Bagel, Greek Bagel, Istanbul Type Bagel, Macedonian Bagel, Rize Bagel, Polish Bagel, Israel Bagel, Dull Type Bagel, Yeasted Donut, Bagel, Dull Bagel Types, White Ring, Tea crispy bagel, Patisserie Bagel.

1-The machine can bind products in different weight from 7 grams to 200 grams by changing the head set of the forming section.

2- Cutting the products in various weight can be done in another machine (Cut-Weight Machine).

3- It has capability to process products like Kandil bagel or pie bagel which has a fat (shortening) ratio up to 55 - 60%

4- Depending on the capacity of the cutting machine or the weight of the requested product, it can process 2000 - 3000 pcs/hour big bagel or 4.000 – 6.000 pcs/hour kandil bagel or pie bagel.

5- The machine has a system to work fast or slow based on the product or the request.

6- The machine was designed complying with the food production – band systems are appropriate for food production, the surfaces contacting food are stainless and the moving parts were made of steel.

7- Since the productions of bagels varies from country to country even from the city to city, the machines are also designed and produced depending on the requested product.


Height-140 cm

Length- 110 cm

Width- 85 cm

Weight- 500 kg

Electricity Consumption-2.5 kw